Aug 11

Great Exercise With Great Fitness Environment

To ensure the best results, you need to be happy with every aspect of the environment of your gym. You need to be inspired by the look of it as you approach and you must be comfortable with the layout inside.

Gym environments range from the remote country club with sweeping driveway, spacious gym, giant studios, juice bar, restaurant and social areas to smaller scale ‘exercise only’ options where sometimes even a changing area is seen as a bonus.

On a very practical level, are the changing rooms clean and hygienic. Are the facilities air ­ conditioned, and does the air-conditioning work? This may not seem like a big consideration if you are joining a gym in January, but come the summer, you will wish you had checked.

Ineffective cooling in the gym can make a workout very uncomfortable, or worse put you at risk of overheating or dehydrating. Choose the environment that suits your needs and that you feel most comfortable in.

Check out a variety of different size facilities and choose the one you can most clearly imagine yourself physically inside, walking around and working out in.

Opening Hours

Most health clubs appreciate that the majority of people need to exercise either before or after work and their opening hours reflect this. Many open at 6.00 a.m. or 6.30 a.m. and will stay open until 10.00 p.m. or 10.30 p.m…

There are even some 24 ­ hour gyms springing up to make working out accessible for everyone, no matter what their working pattern or lifestyle. There are still some facilities that open for shorter hours, for example some local council services are only open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. so take care to check that your gym will be open when you want it to be.


Your gym has to have an atmosphere that suits you. The look and layout of the building is one thing, the feelings that you get from the place are another thing entirely. Does the gym exude a no-nonsense approach to getting fast results or does it feel more gentle and supportive?

Which are you most comfortable with? Consider what kind of atmosphere is going to draw you to the gym, even when you might not feel very enthusiastic, and will encourage you to get the most out of your exercise.


Money is always a consideration when joining a gym, but rather than focusing on the amount that you will be spending, think about what you will be getting for the money. Where are you going to get the best value for money?

Obviously, you cannot buy fitness, but you can invest your money wisely to ensure you get results with your fitness program. You can join a gym for a relatively small amount of money these days, just be sure it is a gym you are happy to go to regularly.

Rather than focusing on the regular monthly fee for a health dub, think about how much each visit will work out costing you. A relatively low monthly membership ends up looking expensive if you manage only one visit every three weeks because you do not like the gym.

If you feel you need to spend a little more to get membership to a gym or health club that offers a little extra, and this little bit extra will encourage you to get there more often, think about how this affects the cost per visit.

If the monthly fee is slightly higher but you visit the gym twice a week then you will certainly be getting more value for money out of your membership. Money is a consideration but it should not be a barrier to joining a gym.

Focus on what you will get from your gym membership rather than what you will pay for it and you will think of all sorts of ways to come up with the money. You could probably save the amount you need each month by giving up a few visits to the coffee shop or passing up on a couple of nights out.

Jul 14

Rowing Machine And Stair Climber For Your Home Gym Equipment

Home Rowing MachineMany people own one or two fitness equipment in their homes so they can trained or at least perform cardio exercise whenever they like to. But, choosing the suitable exercise equipment for home is not as easy as it seem.

In most gyms, you have the freedom to use any fitness equipment that they provide in the gym. But, you will not have such luxury at your home since there are limitation on the training space and your budget. So, you have to be careful when choosing your home fitness equipment.

One of the fitness equipment that is less desirable to choose for the home fitness equipment is the rowing machine. But, this type of fitness machine is actually one of the most common fitness equipment that you can find in most gyms.

There are many advantage that make the rowing machine should also be consider as one of the options for home fitness equipment. Rowing movement is an excellent workout that is good for cardiovascular exercise.

This is because the resistance aspect from the movement gives as well as it use more muscles when exercising more than when exercising with a stationary bike or a treadmill. People will exercise more with natural movement with less time than when using different type of cardio equipment.

Other advantage of rowing machine is that this cardio machine has lower price compare to stationary bike or treadmill. This is because the rowing machine has less electronics parts and less popular compare to other cardio equipment.

A decent rowing equipment can become great investment for home fitness equipment since they are durable and do not require many moving parts and low maintenance. Therefore the owner does not need to spend too much on maintenance cost.

One of the biggest disadvantages with this equipment is that the rowing machine requires more space than other fitness equipment. But some latest models are fold able, so it can be store easily when it is not use.

Other great fitness machine that is often chosen as home fitness equipment is the stair climber. This fitness equipment could give great exercise, because the machine utilizes the body weight for resistance than other fitness equipment.

Since this fitness machine give very intense exercise, most people have difficulties using it for the first time, therefore many people lose their interest with the stair climber.

Although the stair climber is also less popular like the rowing machine, the price for this fitness equipment can more expensive than the rowing machine. This is because the stair climber has more electronics parts and moving parts compare to the rowing machine.

These two fitness machines are the less favorable fitness equipment that is chosen as home gym set. This is quite unfortunate actually, since those equipment provide excellent cardio exercise more than other cardio machines with reasonable price. So, why don’t you try to give it a try for your home fitness equipment.

Apr 10

Exercise Myth IV

Early morning is the best time for work out training

Fact: there is no specific time that can be determine as best time to work out

The best time to work out is the time when you are actually working out. Although most people are prefer to exercise in the morning because it is easier to perform their exercise program. Any later than that some unexpected events might happen that can hinder them to perform their workout schedule.

Always perform cardio exercise first before doing strength exercise

Fact: it does not matter which exercise that should be perform first

Any exercise sequence is good, people just need to ensure that they perform both type of exercise for better result on the physical program.

Working out with empty stomach can burn more body fat and reduce weight faster

Fact: working out with empty stomach has no effect on the weight loss program’s result

In fact exercising with empty stomach could make people has no energy to perform the training schedule. So, even if people are training early in the morning as soon as they wake up, they should eating something light to build up more energy to work out.

Stretching prior to exercise can improve the training

Fact: stretching before the training can decrease the work out

Stretching before the real exercise will make some tissues and muscles to relax which will reduce the exercise performance and also increase the risk for getting injured.

If there is no sweat, then the exercise is not intense enough

Fact: each people are sweating differently, therefore people should not be bothered on how much sweat that they produced when exercising.

Muscle will become fat if you stop exercising

Fact: muscle has different substance than fat, so it cannot automatically turn to fat

When people stop exercising, their muscle cells will start to decrease causing the muscle become smaller. This will allow body to store more fat to fill the space from the decreased muscle.

Sauna can assist people to burn fat

Fact: sauna will make body to lose fluid because of the sweating

The weight that is lose is due to the loss of water from body not from the fat. The weight will be back in 24 hours from the water that you drink.


So, in conclusion after going through all of the exercise myths that have been described, make an improvement to habits, lifestyle, dedication and hard work on the exercise program is the best method to get best result in weight loss program.

Mar 25

Exercise Myth III

Human metabolism slowing down after 30 years old

Fact: metabolism slowing down because people become less active not older

Most people will notice their gaining weight once they reach 30, but this is happen because they have become less active than they usually do. Therefore many people assume that their metabolism is slowing down, and the assumption become popular.

Regular workout will help your body to reduce saving the unwanted and unneeded body fat

Using extra weight in the hand when jogging can improve the exercise result

Fact: this action will increase the chance of getting injured

Many people are always getting impatient and looking for faster result. This action would actually increase the stress to their muscles, ligaments and joints. As results it will increase the risk of getting injury and also the risk of chronic injuries too.

Muscles are heavier than fat

Fact: muscles will use less area because compare to fat they are denser.

Just like one pound of cotton has the same weight of one pound of steel, one pound of muscle is the same weight as a pound of fat. It is the density which is different. Fat will require more space than muscles at the same weight.

Work out at lighter intensity for long time can reduce more fat

Fact: people will burn more fat and faster way if they are training in high intensity

The best method to reduce body fat is to perform interval exercise. In this training people will increase their heart rate for 1 minute then go back to the previous intensity for 1 minute then keep repeating the cycle for 30 minutes long. This high intensity training will produce better result in burning fat.

Jogging is the best method to make the body fit

Fact: there are no absolute method to be fit

The best method to make the body become fit is to perform the exercise you enjoy the most. People will able to be consistent doing their work out schedule if they enjoying it and their body become fit because of the work out.