May 21

Basic Equipment For Kneeboarding Sport

Equipment For KneeboardingKneeboarding sport have many resemblance with surfing or water ski. Using a board, a rider will try to surf across the water surface and ride the wave. Only in kneeboarding, the rider will ride the board in sitting position. Kneeboarding sport is also known with its extreme maneuvers.

With kneeboarding, the athletes or riders will able to handle with boat’s high speed which is too fast to handle for any standup surfer. The high speed is required to make good maneuvers, and the speed will influence the maneuvers duration.

The boat speed is also determine by the kneeboarder weight. If the rider is heavier than the average person then the rider will have difficulties to maintain its maneuver duration, therefore the boat will has to go faster to compensate this condition.

There are some basic equipment that are used in kneeboarding activity to make sure that the rider able to perform their skill to the fullest and make great maneuvers such as;

Kneeboarding Board

Basically there are two types for the board which are; the kneeboarding board for slalom and board for making tricky maneuvers. Board for slalom is relatively smooth on the bottom of the board with sharp rails.

The slalom kneeboard’s design is focusing on the speed so the rider can surf as fast as they can. Meanwhile the trick kneeboards have many curvature or rocker on the board bottom side with sturdy and thick rail. This design will help the rider to make tricky maneuvers and movement.

The average size for kneeboarding boards are from5 feet to 6.5 feet. Compare to regular surfing board, kneeboarding board have rounder tip as its nose. The boards usually made from grassfire with polyurethane foam material as its core.

The Rubber Pad

To avoid the rider knees from getting injured by the board and slipping from the top of the board, the upper side of the board has a rubber pad installed for the rider knees. The rubber pad is also improve the rider grip to the board and help the rider to control the board easier.

The Fins

The fins more frequently used in slalom kneeboarding and consider not useful for the trick kneeboarding. Some boards are made retractable fins, therefore these boards can be used for whether for slalom and trick kneeboarding.

The fins made from various material such as Kevlar, the usual carbon fiber or even high grade material such as titanium alloy.

The Rope

The rope is used to pull the rider using a speed boat. e minimum length for kneeboarding rope is forty five feet. Any strong rope can be used in kneeboarding. It will be better if the rope is made with non-slip material and easy to grip by the rider.

One of the best type of rope for the knee boarding is the braided rope. This type of rope will allow the rider to make twist and turn maneuvers as they want. The rope is also easier to grip bby the rider

The Boat

The boat will pull the kneeboarders across the water surface and build the momentum for the kneeboarders to make their maneuver.

Feb 13

Basic Information About Airsoft Gun

Airsoft GunsIn this post, we want to try to explain few basic types of airsoft gun that can be found in the market, hoping that it could help you to make the right decision to get the gun that suit to your condition.

The airsoft guns are available in wide range of forms, types and calibers. The same thing is also apply to the pellets which is use for the bullet. Depending on the gun purpose, the use of the gun will determine on the type of airsoft gun that you should bought.

Target airsoft guns have good precision and used for target shooting. These guns have the power to propel the pellet with the size of .177 caliber. The bullet’s speed can be lowered, but it must not reduce the gun’s accuracy.

The stability of power from the target airsoft guns when use repeatedly indicate the high quality of the gun. The gun should be able to operated as smooth as it can to ensure the accuracy and the user able to insert the pellet easily.

Hunting airsoft guns must have the excellent accuracy and have 3 to 5 time shooting powers than the average target airsoft rifles. The pellet that is shoot out from these rifles must have the energy to reach long distance target more than the target airsoft guns.

The CO2 gas is used so the guns do not has to re-cocking when shooting the pellets. Therefore the guns have smooth shooting sequence. Selecting pellets for the airsoft riffles will also depending on its purpose.

Most airsoft rifles uses .25, .22, .20, .177 calibers. To decide which pellet type that suit to your rifle, you should try out with few types of pellets and its combination until you find the right type or combination that suit to your style and provide the result that you like.

The pellets speed will be varies depend on its weight. The lighter the pellets are the faster their speed and so with the opposite. Air resistance is also influence the pellet speed greatly.

There are some types of pellets that are available such as;

Wad cutters, which is used in target shooting and become standard pellets for competition.

Crow magnum hollow heads and round nose pellet often used for hunting. These pellets are heavier than wad cutter, but they have bigger impact on the target. In crow magnum hollow heads, the pellet will expand as they hit the target, creating larger impact area to the target.

The pellets accuracy will be influenced by 3main aspect which are;

The crown or barrel lip. This part will make the pellet spin as it go outside the barrel. The spin movement will make the pellet trajectory become much steady.

Uniformity or the pellet spinning movement. When the pellet spins, the movement must be balanced so the trajectory will be maintained to reach the target.

Wind, strong wind can deflect the pellets off their course. This effect can be reduced by using heavier pellets.

To find which pellet that suit to your taste, it would be better if you buy few types of pellets and try it with your airsoft rifle. Find out if the pellet accuracy and result suit to your liking. You can try various targets and range to get more information about the pellet.

In the end your decision on the airsoft gun that you choose will relying on the purpose that you want to achieve. If you want to use your rifle for target practice or in competition, using a target airsoft rifle will be great option for your activity.

Feb 02

Buying A Treadmill

Buying A TreadmillSearching the right treadmill should not be a hard task to perform. Treadmills have been consider as one of the most popular fitness equipment for a long time. This assumption is happen with some reasonable reasons which is the machine’s simplicity but with great benefit.

This fitness machine is quite compact but can give great result like improving the vital cardiovascular. The equipment is easy to prepared and use without using too much space.

So, if you are ready to buy a treadmill, you can check few tips below to find the right machine.

For starter, you can consult to your physician to determine whether this is the right workout machine that suit to your exercise program. Since running or jogging is one of the basic exercise, the treadmill will likely suitable to any of your exercise regime.

Then you should take a look on it motor to see if the motor can accommodate your weight. Some brands provide treadmill’s motor with few settings to solve this situation. Some treadmills also provide additional features like health monitor so you can monitor your workout progress.

The convenience to store the machine and also the detachable handrail that can be put on and off easily are also a plus point from the treadmill.

There are some additional features that also should be consideration for you when choosing the right treadmill such as shock absorber, safety, warranty, multiple speed options, counters (to show the time, calories, heart rate, speed and or distance.

Most manufacturers provide 2 years warranty for their treadmills, if you can find the one that provide longer warranty, it will be great. So, check around to find the best option and deals for your treadmill. Do not be hasty to find your treadmill, choose some of the best one you can afford and compare to find the right one and start exercising from your own home.

Dec 20

Finding The Right Skis II

Ski EquipmentWith various types of skis that are available, usually it will make any novice skiers getting confused to choose the right skis that suit to their condition. So, rather than purchase a new set of ski equipment, renting might be a better option for these skiers at least for the first time they are playing this sport.

Novice skiers will able to try different type of ski equipment to find the equipment that suit to their condition. So, they will not spend money on the equipment that are not suit to them since they still do not understand in choosing the proper ski equipment for themselves.

Usually there are many ski equipment rental shops around the ski resort. These rental shops will have experience staffs that can help skiers to find the right equipment. The shop’s staff can determine the right equipment for beginners based on the skiing skill level and style, the person’s weight, height and also use snow condition as one of the consideration.

The rental shop staff has no benefit in prioritizing certain brand over another to their customers. Because after the customer pay the fee for renting the ski equipment, the customers are free to choose any equipment that available in the shop.

The skiers can rest assure that the shop staff will do their best effort to help their customers so they will have enjoyable experience on their ski activity. If the customers are happy with their activity, there is a big chance the skiers will go back again on the next season and use their service again.

With this method, novice skiers can try different types of ski equipment to find out the equipment that is suit to them. Skiers can also try using ski equipment that are more advance to find out whether if their skill has improved or not.

Trying out various skis designs and material from several manufacturers can assist skier to find the right ski equipment that is suit to them. So, it will be easier for them when they want to buy their own ski equipment.

Purchasing the right ski equipment

After you have try few time skiing, you might want to get your own ski equipment. When you arrive at the ski store, it will be better if you ask help from the store clerk to get recommendation for the right skis for you. Here are few tips that you can tell to the store clerk;

How you are going to use the equipment, whether you will use it on groomed snow, off trail, speed preference, etc.

Your skiing expertise

Your body weight and height

Your preference on the skis length

Which gender that will going to use the skis


Most store clerks that works in the ski shop usually are experienced skiers that often play this sport. So, they can help you to decide the proper ski equipment for you.

It is better to provide them with as many information about your skis preferences, style and skill. This will help them to give the best recommendation on the right pair of skis according to your condition and needs.

With the development of technology, the ski equipment can be manufactured so they can be use in to various styles and condition. Although the specialized pair of skis still the best decision for certain type and condition which is often used by professional athletes and sportsmen.