Jun 10

Starting Position In Kneeboarding Sport

As a rookie at kneeboarding sport, you surely will find it difficult to play it for the first time. But, this boat towed game is really an exciting sport to play. For started you can use a kneeboard for practice.

With this board, you do not have to balance your weight with your leg just like water ski or wakeboard, since you will doing it in sitting position. The position will provide you with low center gravity, so you can balance your weight easier.

There are two basic positions when starting the kneeboarding sport which are; the abdomen start and the low buoyancy start.

The Abdomen StartThe Abdomen Start

This is the most basic position to start the kneeboarding sport. This position is also called the belly start. To do this position, you need to lying face down with your abdomen on the top of the board and facing forward to the board’s nose.

The board’s nose must sticking out of the water surface. Put one of your hand on the board’s side and the dominant hand is on the other side of the board while holding the rope tightly. When the boat begin to move to drag your body, you must pull the knees and put it to the knee pad on the board.

When you are doing this, you should not bend your back forward to maintain your weight on the rear of the board. This will prevent the front tip of the board from going down the water surface which can flip your body out of the board.

After you manage to balance out your body and the board, use the hand that is not holding the rope to strap the knees to the board. While strapping the knees, you need to maintain the arms extended and bent slightly instead making it straight. Therefore, you can adjust your balance quickly when your body bouncing on the water surface.

The Low Buoyancy StartThe Low Buoyancy Start

In this position, you already in sitting position on the board when waiting the boat to pull your body. With this, the board is slightly sink from the water surface. This position will let you strap your knees to secure position before you begin to kneeboarding.

You can whether strap your knees when you already in the water or before you entering the water on the swim platform, on the boat or on the shore. When you have secure the knee strap, jump in the water along with the board strapped to your knees.

This position is more suitable for beginner because it need less effort to balance the board as the boat start pulling your body. You must maintain the balance to prevent from flipping over the surface.

You can do this by moving the arm to the front and back when surfing across the water surface. You need to keep the position while balancing the board’s nose to pointing slightly out of the surface.

Just like in the abdomen start you need to maintain the arms extended and bent slightly instead making it straight.

Feb 13

Basic Information About Airsoft Gun

Airsoft GunsIn this post, we want to try to explain few basic types of airsoft gun that can be found in the market, hoping that it could help you to make the right decision to get the gun that suit to your condition.

The airsoft guns are available in wide range of forms, types and calibers. The same thing is also apply to the pellets which is use for the bullet. Depending on the gun purpose, the use of the gun will determine on the type of airsoft gun that you should bought.

Target airsoft guns have good precision and used for target shooting. These guns have the power to propel the pellet with the size of .177 caliber. The bullet’s speed can be lowered, but it must not reduce the gun’s accuracy.

The stability of power from the target airsoft guns when use repeatedly indicate the high quality of the gun. The gun should be able to operated as smooth as it can to ensure the accuracy and the user able to insert the pellet easily.

Hunting airsoft guns must have the excellent accuracy and have 3 to 5 time shooting powers than the average target airsoft rifles. The pellet that is shoot out from these rifles must have the energy to reach long distance target more than the target airsoft guns.

The CO2 gas is used so the guns do not has to re-cocking when shooting the pellets. Therefore the guns have smooth shooting sequence. Selecting pellets for the airsoft riffles will also depending on its purpose.

Most airsoft rifles uses .25, .22, .20, .177 calibers. To decide which pellet type that suit to your rifle, you should try out with few types of pellets and its combination until you find the right type or combination that suit to your style and provide the result that you like.

The pellets speed will be varies depend on its weight. The lighter the pellets are the faster their speed and so with the opposite. Air resistance is also influence the pellet speed greatly.

There are some types of pellets that are available such as;

Wad cutters, which is used in target shooting and become standard pellets for competition.

Crow magnum hollow heads and round nose pellet often used for hunting. These pellets are heavier than wad cutter, but they have bigger impact on the target. In crow magnum hollow heads, the pellet will expand as they hit the target, creating larger impact area to the target.

The pellets accuracy will be influenced by 3main aspect which are;

The crown or barrel lip. This part will make the pellet spin as it go outside the barrel. The spin movement will make the pellet trajectory become much steady.

Uniformity or the pellet spinning movement. When the pellet spins, the movement must be balanced so the trajectory will be maintained to reach the target.

Wind, strong wind can deflect the pellets off their course. This effect can be reduced by using heavier pellets.

To find which pellet that suit to your taste, it would be better if you buy few types of pellets and try it with your airsoft rifle. Find out if the pellet accuracy and result suit to your liking. You can try various targets and range to get more information about the pellet.

In the end your decision on the airsoft gun that you choose will relying on the purpose that you want to achieve. If you want to use your rifle for target practice or in competition, using a target airsoft rifle will be great option for your activity.