Dec 30

Few Common Injuries In Sport Activity

Sport InjuriesIn all over the earth, there are many people that participating in various sports activity in one way or the other. Regardless they are doing it for fun and games in a small yard, exercise for health reasons, practice, or for more serious reasons such as competition to become champion or winning the trophy.

Unfortunately while gaining the benefit of the sports activity, these people are also open to the risk of getting accident that could result in injuries. The severity of injury are vary from having slight discomfort in body parts to the severe pain from wound, braking bones, or injured muscles that would take weeks or even months to heal.

Some injuries can occurs because the constant movement of muscles or body parts such as sprain or muscle tear. But, an accident can also happen because improper training, warm up or stretching, improper practice, poor techniques and inadequate equipment.

Here are few types of sport injuries that often occurs in any sports activity whether in professional games or playing at home. It is necessary to understand the cause for the pain and give the proper medication to treat the pain at least for the early treatment to prevent from getting worse.

Muscle sprains and strains

These condition is the most common accident that can occurs in sports activity or workout. These injuries can happen in every parts of the sport activity.

The sprain can happen if there is tears at the ligament. The severity is vary from minor injury to severe damage. The injury often happen in the joint area such as wrists, knees or ankles.

Meanwhile the strain happen when the fibers in the tendon are stretch. The strain is also more familiar as the pulled muscle.

Bone fractures

This condition is also called broken bone. The injury is quite common to occur on the acute bone. The bone that often receive impact or put on stress often can make fracture to the bone. Even with small fracture at the bone, it can cause severe pain to the body part. This injury often occur to the feet or legs.

Joint dislocation

This injury occur when the joint get pushed too hard so the bones moved out from it place in the joint. This condition is also called luxation. Full physical contact sport such as football, soccer or basketball, too much stretching often lead to joint dislocation.


All of these sport injuries require full medical attention to make sure that the person can have full recovery to their physical condition.