Great Exercise With Great Fitness Environment

To ensure the best results, you need to be happy with every aspect of the environment of your gym. You need to be inspired by the look of it as you approach and you must be comfortable with the layout inside.

Gym environments range from the remote country club with sweeping driveway, spacious gym, giant studios, juice bar, restaurant and social areas to smaller scale ‘exercise only’ options where sometimes even a changing area is seen as a bonus.

On a very practical level, are the changing rooms clean and hygienic. Are the facilities air ­ conditioned, and does the air-conditioning work? This may not seem like a big consideration if you are joining a gym in January, but come the summer, you will wish you had checked.

Ineffective cooling in the gym can make a workout very uncomfortable, or worse put you at risk of overheating or dehydrating. Choose the environment that suits your needs and that you feel most comfortable in.

Check out a variety of different size facilities and choose the one you can most clearly imagine yourself physically inside, walking around and working out in.

Opening Hours

Most health clubs appreciate that the majority of people need to exercise either before or after work and their opening hours reflect this. Many open at 6.00 a.m. or 6.30 a.m. and will stay open until 10.00 p.m. or 10.30 p.m…

There are even some 24 ­ hour gyms springing up to make working out accessible for everyone, no matter what their working pattern or lifestyle. There are still some facilities that open for shorter hours, for example some local council services are only open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. so take care to check that your gym will be open when you want it to be.


Your gym has to have an atmosphere that suits you. The look and layout of the building is one thing, the feelings that you get from the place are another thing entirely. Does the gym exude a no-nonsense approach to getting fast results or does it feel more gentle and supportive?

Which are you most comfortable with? Consider what kind of atmosphere is going to draw you to the gym, even when you might not feel very enthusiastic, and will encourage you to get the most out of your exercise.


Money is always a consideration when joining a gym, but rather than focusing on the amount that you will be spending, think about what you will be getting for the money. Where are you going to get the best value for money?

Obviously, you cannot buy fitness, but you can invest your money wisely to ensure you get results with your fitness program. You can join a gym for a relatively small amount of money these days, just be sure it is a gym you are happy to go to regularly.

Rather than focusing on the regular monthly fee for a health dub, think about how much each visit will work out costing you. A relatively low monthly membership ends up looking expensive if you manage only one visit every three weeks because you do not like the gym.

If you feel you need to spend a little more to get membership to a gym or health club that offers a little extra, and this little bit extra will encourage you to get there more often, think about how this affects the cost per visit.

If the monthly fee is slightly higher but you visit the gym twice a week then you will certainly be getting more value for money out of your membership. Money is a consideration but it should not be a barrier to joining a gym.

Focus on what you will get from your gym membership rather than what you will pay for it and you will think of all sorts of ways to come up with the money. You could probably save the amount you need each month by giving up a few visits to the coffee shop or passing up on a couple of nights out.