Mar 25

Exercise Myth III

Human metabolism slowing down after 30 years old

Fact: metabolism slowing down because people become less active not older

Most people will notice their gaining weight once they reach 30, but this is happen because they have become less active than they usually do. Therefore many people assume that their metabolism is slowing down, and the assumption become popular.

Regular workout will help your body to reduce saving the unwanted and unneeded body fat

Using extra weight in the hand when jogging can improve the exercise result

Fact: this action will increase the chance of getting injured

Many people are always getting impatient and looking for faster result. This action would actually increase the stress to their muscles, ligaments and joints. As results it will increase the risk of getting injury and also the risk of chronic injuries too.

Muscles are heavier than fat

Fact: muscles will use less area because compare to fat they are denser.

Just like one pound of cotton has the same weight of one pound of steel, one pound of muscle is the same weight as a pound of fat. It is the density which is different. Fat will require more space than muscles at the same weight.

Work out at lighter intensity for long time can reduce more fat

Fact: people will burn more fat and faster way if they are training in high intensity

The best method to reduce body fat is to perform interval exercise. In this training people will increase their heart rate for 1 minute then go back to the previous intensity for 1 minute then keep repeating the cycle for 30 minutes long. This high intensity training will produce better result in burning fat.

Jogging is the best method to make the body fit

Fact: there are no absolute method to be fit

The best method to make the body become fit is to perform the exercise you enjoy the most. People will able to be consistent doing their work out schedule if they enjoying it and their body become fit because of the work out.

Mar 08

Exercise Myth II

Exercising 5 days a week for the best results

Fact: the best result will come with the result of full commitment in exercise according to program, yet people do not have to spend 5 days a week in exercise

What people must to determine is the actual realization when they exercising. There are so many people who are eager to exercise when they begin their exercise program and perform full workout during the first 2 week. And after they did not see the result that they hope for by measuring their weight every day, they become discourage and start feeling pointless to keep on exercising and then finally quit.

It is usually will takes around 90 days of regular exercise for beginner to finally notice the result of their commitment.

No pain no gain

Fact: when you feeling any pain, you actually would not have the exercise results

There is a big differences of getting soreness and pain injury. People will definitely getting sore, nevertheless they should not exercising too hard to the point of getting injuring themselves.

Getting professional help whether from personal trainer or other fitness experts could be the best solution if you want for faster and better result in your exercise program.

Just by doing aerobics you can reduce your weigh because your metabolism is improved

Fact: people must perform complete exercise type to get real fat loss result

To lose weight by exercising, people will require to perform combination of exercise such as cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility exercise into their work out program. The combination of exercise will improve body metabolism, so the body fat will burn more efficiently.

The workout must always be performed intensely

Fact: people should regulate the intensity of their training from light to medium to hard and back to light.

Each person has variety of pain tolerance level. When their body are in great condition, they can perform medium to hard training, while they are not in a great shape, it will be better to perform light exercise to prevent from injuring themselves.

Workout training make people cannot sleep at night

Fact: working out will make people to have better sleep

People should finish their exercise around 4 hours before sleeping. Workout can reduce the stress from your body and mind, so people can get rest and sleep easier.

Exercising in a gym is the best method to have great shape

Fact: there are so many ways to have great shape without have to work out in a gym.

People can do jogging, walk or ride a bike around their neighborhood, or doing aerobics in their living room or yards and many other exercise. Although, it will be easier to get motivated when exercising in a gym since there will be companies and friend to exercise together.

Working out raise your appetite

Fact: people would feel less hungry

Most of the time after performing work out people will feel less hungry than they normally would. But, if they feel like eating they should. Although they need to be careful not to damage their exercise by consuming more calories than they should.

Feb 25

Exercise Myth

Eliminate large belly with ab exercise

Fact: You cannot eliminate pot belly with ab exercise.

No matter how much the ab exercise that you do, the exercise will not buffed your stomach. The stomach would become smaller and appear toned after you have change your eating habits and also decrease the overall body fat.

Bulking up with strength training

Fact: The main purpose of strength training is not to make the muscle become bulky but to improve the efficiency of metabolism.

Strength training is one of exercise wonder. Unlike men, women cannot gain muscle despite what you have read from various exercise magazines.

This is because the differences of hormones in women compare to men. The hormones which are produced by women body are very different from men. Hence women does not has the ability to gain muscle like their opposite gender.

But, people should incorporate strength training to their workout program at least 2 days/week to improve the efficiency of their exercise program and also improve the exercise overall results. Strength training will also improve bone density which is very important for every women.

Measure the weight every day to keep up the progress

Fact: People should change their goal from ‘weight’ loss to ‘fat’ loss.

Measuring the body composition at the start of weight loss program will be less disappointing compare than measuring the weight every day. Weigh in every day can make you become discourage and bringing you down mentally and emotionally.

People should know that every pound of lean muscle that they gain, it will make the fat burning process become more effective. Their body will also become much better with additional lean muscle.

Good workout is marked by soreness

Fact: Muscle soreness is caused there is small tears from the muscle, if the muscle become too sore than the damage would be worse and you need to rest more than usual to recover the muscle tear.

If a person begin any fitness program, they are surely will get sore muscle, particularly when they did not been exercising for a long time. But, after working out regularly for around a month, they will no longer get sore after they are finish doing their exercise routine.

But, they should be ready to feel some muscle soreness when they switch to another type of work out. This is happen because they will be using different muscle than the regular muscles which have been strengthen by their previous exercise type.

Feb 13

Basic Information About Airsoft Gun

Airsoft GunsIn this post, we want to try to explain few basic types of airsoft gun that can be found in the market, hoping that it could help you to make the right decision to get the gun that suit to your condition.

The airsoft guns are available in wide range of forms, types and calibers. The same thing is also apply to the pellets which is use for the bullet. Depending on the gun purpose, the use of the gun will determine on the type of airsoft gun that you should bought.

Target airsoft guns have good precision and used for target shooting. These guns have the power to propel the pellet with the size of .177 caliber. The bullet’s speed can be lowered, but it must not reduce the gun’s accuracy.

The stability of power from the target airsoft guns when use repeatedly indicate the high quality of the gun. The gun should be able to operated as smooth as it can to ensure the accuracy and the user able to insert the pellet easily.

Hunting airsoft guns must have the excellent accuracy and have 3 to 5 time shooting powers than the average target airsoft rifles. The pellet that is shoot out from these rifles must have the energy to reach long distance target more than the target airsoft guns.

The CO2 gas is used so the guns do not has to re-cocking when shooting the pellets. Therefore the guns have smooth shooting sequence. Selecting pellets for the airsoft riffles will also depending on its purpose.

Most airsoft rifles uses .25, .22, .20, .177 calibers. To decide which pellet type that suit to your rifle, you should try out with few types of pellets and its combination until you find the right type or combination that suit to your style and provide the result that you like.

The pellets speed will be varies depend on its weight. The lighter the pellets are the faster their speed and so with the opposite. Air resistance is also influence the pellet speed greatly.

There are some types of pellets that are available such as;

Wad cutters, which is used in target shooting and become standard pellets for competition.

Crow magnum hollow heads and round nose pellet often used for hunting. These pellets are heavier than wad cutter, but they have bigger impact on the target. In crow magnum hollow heads, the pellet will expand as they hit the target, creating larger impact area to the target.

The pellets accuracy will be influenced by 3main aspect which are;

The crown or barrel lip. This part will make the pellet spin as it go outside the barrel. The spin movement will make the pellet trajectory become much steady.

Uniformity or the pellet spinning movement. When the pellet spins, the movement must be balanced so the trajectory will be maintained to reach the target.

Wind, strong wind can deflect the pellets off their course. This effect can be reduced by using heavier pellets.

To find which pellet that suit to your taste, it would be better if you buy few types of pellets and try it with your airsoft rifle. Find out if the pellet accuracy and result suit to your liking. You can try various targets and range to get more information about the pellet.

In the end your decision on the airsoft gun that you choose will relying on the purpose that you want to achieve. If you want to use your rifle for target practice or in competition, using a target airsoft rifle will be great option for your activity.