Dec 27

Exercise, The Best Method To Maintain Your Weight

Exercise To Maintain Your WeightMany women are searching for a way to maintain their youth and also their weight. Many of them are believing that by doing aerobics and dieting will help them to stay fit.

But, most dieters are understand that losing their weight is relatively easy compare to maintain their ideal weight. As a matter a fact, only about 10% of dieters who are able keep their weight stable for a year without doing the exercise routine, while the other 90% of dieter which do not do regular workout will gain the weight that they have lost back in less than a year.

So, what should we do to maintain the result from our weight loss program?

Any weight loss programs that are designed only by developing one diet schedule without including any workout routine will only causing harm than producing good result. Most of the weight loss is usually from muscle and water.

So, when the scales register that dieter have lost some weight, their body composition will be at risk since some muscle tissues will reduced or even lost. Muscle tissues influence our body metabolism, the more muscle that one have the higher metabolism that will increase the body ability to burn calories in the body.

So, if there are less muscle, the metabolism get slower and the calories in the body will piled up without being burn by the metabolism. This will make fat tissues formed easier, creating the Yoyo effect where the dieter gaining weight again as fast as they are losing weight.

That is why to have better result in weight loss program, any dieter should incorporate the proper workout program such as aerobic exercise along with their diet schedule. Aerobic workout like swimming, cycling, exercise or any other workout type are effective to burn calories and reduce the weight.

In exercise activities, our body able to extract fatty acids, oxygen and glucose from out blood circulation and turn it as energy for our muscles and brain. So, those substances do not end up as fatty tissues in our body.

It is proofed that aerobic workout able to increase good cholesterol in our body, reduce blood pressure, decrease body fat and build muscle mass. That is why today the right method for weight loss program is a mixture of routine exercise program and low fat diet schedule.

Dec 20

Finding The Right Skis II

Ski EquipmentWith various types of skis that are available, usually it will make any novice skiers getting confused to choose the right skis that suit to their condition. So, rather than purchase a new set of ski equipment, renting might be a better option for these skiers at least for the first time they are playing this sport.

Novice skiers will able to try different type of ski equipment to find the equipment that suit to their condition. So, they will not spend money on the equipment that are not suit to them since they still do not understand in choosing the proper ski equipment for themselves.

Usually there are many ski equipment rental shops around the ski resort. These rental shops will have experience staffs that can help skiers to find the right equipment. The shop’s staff can determine the right equipment for beginners based on the skiing skill level and style, the person’s weight, height and also use snow condition as one of the consideration.

The rental shop staff has no benefit in prioritizing certain brand over another to their customers. Because after the customer pay the fee for renting the ski equipment, the customers are free to choose any equipment that available in the shop.

The skiers can rest assure that the shop staff will do their best effort to help their customers so they will have enjoyable experience on their ski activity. If the customers are happy with their activity, there is a big chance the skiers will go back again on the next season and use their service again.

With this method, novice skiers can try different types of ski equipment to find out the equipment that is suit to them. Skiers can also try using ski equipment that are more advance to find out whether if their skill has improved or not.

Trying out various skis designs and material from several manufacturers can assist skier to find the right ski equipment that is suit to them. So, it will be easier for them when they want to buy their own ski equipment.

Purchasing the right ski equipment

After you have try few time skiing, you might want to get your own ski equipment. When you arrive at the ski store, it will be better if you ask help from the store clerk to get recommendation for the right skis for you. Here are few tips that you can tell to the store clerk;

How you are going to use the equipment, whether you will use it on groomed snow, off trail, speed preference, etc.

Your skiing expertise

Your body weight and height

Your preference on the skis length

Which gender that will going to use the skis


Most store clerks that works in the ski shop usually are experienced skiers that often play this sport. So, they can help you to decide the proper ski equipment for you.

It is better to provide them with as many information about your skis preferences, style and skill. This will help them to give the best recommendation on the right pair of skis according to your condition and needs.

With the development of technology, the ski equipment can be manufactured so they can be use in to various styles and condition. Although the specialized pair of skis still the best decision for certain type and condition which is often used by professional athletes and sportsmen.

Dec 03

Finding The Right Skis

Types of SkisAt this time of year, snow skiing is one of the most famous sport that will be performed by many people, especially in northern part of the earth. The ski fans from novice to expert will go to mountain to go skiing down on its slopes.

This sport is a great and fun activity, but this sport is really depend on the right skiing gears. Unless you are using the proper equipment, snow skiing can be dangerous and frustrating activity.

So, here are some tips that can help you to choose the proper ski gears for your skiing activity that suit to your skill and style;

Skiing level

One of the most crucial aspect in selecting the right pair of skis is the person skiing skill. Novice skiers and skiers with intermediate skiing skill should use a pair of skis that can be control easily. Meanwhile the expert skiers might want to use specialized pair of skis.

Skis materials

Originally, skis made from wood materials, but as the technology getting more advance, the material that can be used to make skis become more vary such as fiberglass, aluminum, various carbon fiber, Kevlar, synthetic polyethylene, combination of various materials and other strong but lightweight material.

The research and development to find the finest material for skis is still ongoing even until these days. The material will make a strong but light and flexible pair of skis.

Skiing type

In this sport, there are few skiing types, so each type will require different skis designs that match to their purpose. For example, the cross country skiing will need thinner but longer skis design compare to skis for downhill.

The difference in structure and design due to the cross country skis is also use to glide on straight paths, meanwhile the downhill skis are more concentrating on the speed and making quick turn when the skier going down the hill.

Even the downhill skill has variety of types such as freestyle, racing or slalom, long jump and powder.

The skis length

For novice skiers, it is recommended to use shorter skis to help them make a turn easier. This pair of skis will help them in learning how to make the skis turn. The short skis are slower compare to the longer skis.

Since longer skis can move faster than the shorter skis, it will take higher skill and experience to control the skis. So, longer skis is used by more experienced skier with higher level of skiing.

People with heavier weight are also need longer skis, so, they do not sink easily in the snow. Longer skis also can handle snow with different condition better. Therefore, the length of the skis will be depend on the skier’s weight, skill and style.

Skis shapes and design

There are various shapes and designs for skis according to its use. For example, skis with narrow boot area are designed so it can make fast and sharp turns but has less stability. This type of design is suitable for race or slalom skiing

Meanwhile the opposite result will happen with skis with wider boot area. Therefore, this type of skis design will be perfect for cross country skiing.

Skis stiffness

The skis stiffness or flexibility will be depend on the material that is use to made the skis.