Apr 10

Exercise Myth IV

Early morning is the best time for work out training

Fact: there is no specific time that can be determine as best time to work out

The best time to work out is the time when you are actually working out. Although most people are prefer to exercise in the morning because it is easier to perform their exercise program. Any later than that some unexpected events might happen that can hinder them to perform their workout schedule.

Always perform cardio exercise first before doing strength exercise

Fact: it does not matter which exercise that should be perform first

Any exercise sequence is good, people just need to ensure that they perform both type of exercise for better result on the physical program.

Working out with empty stomach can burn more body fat and reduce weight faster

Fact: working out with empty stomach has no effect on the weight loss program’s result

In fact exercising with empty stomach could make people has no energy to perform the training schedule. So, even if people are training early in the morning as soon as they wake up, they should eating something light to build up more energy to work out.

Stretching prior to exercise can improve the training

Fact: stretching before the training can decrease the work out

Stretching before the real exercise will make some tissues and muscles to relax which will reduce the exercise performance and also increase the risk for getting injured.

If there is no sweat, then the exercise is not intense enough

Fact: each people are sweating differently, therefore people should not be bothered on how much sweat that they produced when exercising.

Muscle will become fat if you stop exercising

Fact: muscle has different substance than fat, so it cannot automatically turn to fat

When people stop exercising, their muscle cells will start to decrease causing the muscle become smaller. This will allow body to store more fat to fill the space from the decreased muscle.

Sauna can assist people to burn fat

Fact: sauna will make body to lose fluid because of the sweating

The weight that is lose is due to the loss of water from body not from the fat. The weight will be back in 24 hours from the water that you drink.


So, in conclusion after going through all of the exercise myths that have been described, make an improvement to habits, lifestyle, dedication and hard work on the exercise program is the best method to get best result in weight loss program.

Dec 27

Exercise, The Best Method To Maintain Your Weight

Exercise To Maintain Your WeightMany women are searching for a way to maintain their youth and also their weight. Many of them are believing that by doing aerobics and dieting will help them to stay fit.

But, most dieters are understand that losing their weight is relatively easy compare to maintain their ideal weight. As a matter a fact, only about 10% of dieters who are able keep their weight stable for a year without doing the exercise routine, while the other 90% of dieter which do not do regular workout will gain the weight that they have lost back in less than a year.

So, what should we do to maintain the result from our weight loss program?

Any weight loss programs that are designed only by developing one diet schedule without including any workout routine will only causing harm than producing good result. Most of the weight loss is usually from muscle and water.

So, when the scales register that dieter have lost some weight, their body composition will be at risk since some muscle tissues will reduced or even lost. Muscle tissues influence our body metabolism, the more muscle that one have the higher metabolism that will increase the body ability to burn calories in the body.

So, if there are less muscle, the metabolism get slower and the calories in the body will piled up without being burn by the metabolism. This will make fat tissues formed easier, creating the Yoyo effect where the dieter gaining weight again as fast as they are losing weight.

That is why to have better result in weight loss program, any dieter should incorporate the proper workout program such as aerobic exercise along with their diet schedule. Aerobic workout like swimming, cycling, exercise or any other workout type are effective to burn calories and reduce the weight.

In exercise activities, our body able to extract fatty acids, oxygen and glucose from out blood circulation and turn it as energy for our muscles and brain. So, those substances do not end up as fatty tissues in our body.

It is proofed that aerobic workout able to increase good cholesterol in our body, reduce blood pressure, decrease body fat and build muscle mass. That is why today the right method for weight loss program is a mixture of routine exercise program and low fat diet schedule.